Moss Walls Ideas You Should Adopt In 2021

If you love nature, a green wall would be appealing to you. What better way to do it than get your living room lovely Moss walls. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg but would be worth it. Moss is easy to grow, making them even more appealing. You can even get naturally preserved options if you don’t need the live ones. This article will show different moss wall ideas you can adopt for your living space.

Where can you install Moss Walls?

You can use moss walls in the below scenarios:

Preserved Moss Walls for Your Living Room

If you love green walls, but you are not always at home to maintain them, don’t despair as you can have a preserved moss wall in your living room. It’s very safe to have moss walls kept as they don’t have bugs, pollen and are very safe. The preserved moss walls are ideal for small living rooms as they don’t take space. However, you will still enjoy the full greenery.

Bathroom Moss walls

Live interior designers are coming up with revolutionary inventions daily thanks to their creative imagination. If you love Moss green walls, you can kill two birds with one stone. Installing a live moss wall in your bathroom will ensure you get greenery satisfaction without really taking care of the moss as it soaks up from the steam in the bathroom.


<p>Maintain your love for nature by upgrading your living room to moss walls. If you aren’t usually around, you can always buy preserved moss walls to continue enjoying nature.

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