The Principles of Scandinavian Design

In this century, everyone is looking forward to having a comfortable environment where they can have all their activities running without disturbing items like lack of light, lack of enough space, and many others. The Scandinavian interior design ensures that you get this package without much struggle. 

If you are looking forward to bringing this interior design style to your home, worry no more. Here we have five tips to bring this style to your lovely home. Everyone wants to make their home intelligent and attractive. Other than these tips, you also need to know that this style of the design reflects the culture and climate of the North, of lands where winters are long and harsh, and comfortable, functional homes are essential. The style took its roots in the early 20th century in countries like Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. Other countries like UK, Canada, and the US adopted this style later decades after the 20th century.

Ensure that you practice minimalism

Minimalism in interior design, also known as the art of Lagom, is a style that helps to declutter the house. Ensure that you remove all unnecessary items and features in the house. This gives enough open space that can be used for other comfortable purposes. Keep what is required to meet your needs and make you happy. You will require careful and sparing use of color and contrast and a balance between form and function to have this style.

Shades of nature

As stated, this style is used in places where they experience long dark days of winter. Therefore, it is advisable to use white and light to counterbalance these long dark days of winter. Bright colors like grey, marine blue, tan, sage green, tan and pink tend to be natural or soft rooted in nature.

Natural is the best

The characteristics of quality and sustainability are supported by the use of organic and natural materials. Bringing in an element of nature in the house creates a fantastic and attractive scene where everyone wants to spend most of their lives. Examples of ways you can bring nature into the house are left unpainted and untreated light woods such as pine, birch, beech, and ash. You can make this art more attractive by using quirky wooden toys and ornaments, and playful accents.

Bring the outdoor indoor

most of the Scandinavians spend most of their time indoors. This is typically incorporating what is usually used or found outside you bring it inside the house. For instance, you can plant some good scented decorative flowers in the house.

The cosiness of hygge

To create your hygge, add things that invoke this feeling of warmth – scented candles, berry-laden branches in vases, and soft throws to snuggle up in a while wearing a cosy jumper. Create a little corner where you can curl up with a book and a cup of tea or coffee. For more inspiration, check out Tylko’s article at

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